Didga The Cat Performs Amazing Tricks Including Skateboarding, Surfing And Flushing The Toilet

Lets face it, cats rock and about a year ago Didga the cat rocked the world of pet parkour when his owner released a video of him performing some crazy stunts. A video that single-handedly changed the course of human history. Since that day humankind has never been the same since.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was an entertaining way to spend a few minutes of your precious time.

And now, Didga is back! Yes! This time there's a whole compilation of his amazing tricks so you can be amazed at just how amazing this cat is.

Actually, sarcasm aside, he seems to have improved his amazing repertoire quite a bit since his last video. Not least in his ability to type "Best Trained Dog Ever" into a search engine.

But it also looks like he's been doing a whole lot of other training too, from learning to stand on a surf board and skateboard to rolling over on command, plus using—and flushing!—the toilet.

Just like Mr Jinx in Meet The Parents.

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