Babies Going Through Tunnels Get Totally Confused - It’s Guaranteed To Make You Go “Awww”

As adults driving through a tunnel in a car is no loner a big deal, we've done it so much that we are now more concerned with getting to our point of destination on time, but try to think back to your younger days.

Do you remember as a kid trying to hold your breath as the car entered the tunnel and try as hard as you could to not breathe unill you exited out the other side. For some of us success granted us a wish, while for others our imagination made us believe we'd just emerged from a scary subterranean ocean.

But what about babies? Have you seen the looks on their faces when they go through the same experience?

Maybe it reminds them of the birth canal, or maybe they just think it's super trippy with the lights whizzing past and the dark, long passageway, but whatever it is these babies are totally spooked when going through a tunnel in the back of a car.

The look on their faces is one part confusion, one part thrill as they look as if they're being reminded of... something. Whatever they're thinking.

It's guaranteed to make you go "awww", even if it's just an internal "awww" because you don't want people to know what a soft touch you are.

And the compilation, with its flashing lights and bewildered expressions, is totally reminiscent of when David Bowman goes through the star gate in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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