'How To Get Single FAST!' This Prankster Must Have The Most Patient Girlfriend In History

When it comes to relationships, we all have to put up with some habits that you might find a little annoying. Leaving the toilet seat up, never putting the milk back in the fridge, constantly playing pranks on you until your nerves are fried, and you can't go anywhere for fear of some unsuspecting stunt that will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube so the world can laugh at you.

That last one might not be something many of us have to endure, but in this social media age a few people do. And one of those is English prankster Rob Pugh's long-suffering girlfriend.

As you'll see from these videos, Rob is a man who never tires of testing his girlfriend's patience. Whether that's surprising her in the shower, farting in her face, throwing blowup mattresses at her, or scaring her when she's going about her day-to-day.

Such is his enthusiasm and dedication to this cause, he's managed to fill two compilation videos.

Revenge must surely be coming soon. His girlfriend's just playing the long game.

Check out part two below.

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