Cat Dog Kung Fu—Two Pets Have An Epic Martial Arts Showdown In This Bizarre Video

When you leave your pets home alone there's always a small worry that they might do something unsavory. Say, piss on your new rug or chew the sofa apart or destroy everything you own.

One thing you can be sure they won't do is have a highly choreographed kung-fu showdown that wouldn't be out of place in a martial arts movie.

But that's exactly what happens in this bizarre but very amusing video by VFX masters Corridor Digital—where a cat and a dog pull off some crouching feline, hidden pooch moves while also wrecking their owner's home.

And, of course, the dog gets all the blame.

If you want to know how they pulled off this epic fight between the species, it involved a lot of someone sitting dressed head-to-toe in green lycra while jigging a cat about on their lap.

You can find out what else in the making-of below.

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