Cats Are Adorable! Not Really, They're Total A-Holes As This Hilarious Compilation Shows

There are plenty of videos on the web, and maybe one or two pictures too, showing cats being adorable. So to even that out and provide some yin to the constant yang of cuteness is this compilation of cats showing their true a-hole colors.

We've all been in a situation where one minute you're stroking a purring kittah on your lap, the next it's attacking your hand with the full force of its claws and teeth for no apparent reason. The little bastard.

It must be some animalistic urge stirring deep inside them, still in their DNA from long ago roaming the plains. Or maybe they just like being evil sh*ts for no reason.

Still, that won't stop me from loving my own furry ball of fun (he's called Jack), it all goes into make life that little bit more unpredictable, because lets face it, if they acted cute and cuddly all the time that would be boring and you'd end up hating them.


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