'Street Fighter: Cats Edition' - It's Possibly The Ultimate Gaming Combination As Cats Vs. Humans

Cats are adorable creatures, a definite family favorite, the same could almost be said about the classic video game Street Fighter, an arcade beat-em-up where good guys battle baddies (kind of) with deadly finishing moves.

But what about if you combined the two genres and for an extra bit of flavoring threw in some children for good measure? Behold ‘Street Fighter: Cats Edition’, a fun-for-the-family game where cats vs humans.

Sound's like great fun, eh?

Well mabye not, after watching the first few seconds of this video you'll definitely come to the realization that cats and small children are not a good combination. At least, not the street fighting cats in this video.

Anyone who's ever play-fought with a cat only for it to suddenly turn and the claws and tears (on your side) come out, knows how quickly a cat can BRING THE PAIN.

So watch and learn as these kitties take down some little kids (and one grown man)—little kids who try to fight back, but cats are quick, dammit.

The lesson here: Don't disrespect your cat, or they may rain down their lightning fast combo moves on you.


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