Dare You Watch The Entirety Of These Three Minute Videos?

Forgot about a week being a long time in politics, a whole three minutes is a helluva long time on the internet. Our attention spans have been shot to near nothing with the digital snacking culture that's arisen.

We should have a whole new timescale set up where one minute of internet time equals an hour of normal time. If you think your attention span hasn't been nearly wiped out, then try stepping up to the gauntlet thrown down by College Humor with their three minute video I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video.

And that doesn't mean leaving it open in another browser while you go on Instagram or Twitter or send a text or Snapchat your cat. That means sitting and watching it while listening to a guy tell you to sit and watch it. Can you fight off the distractions and hold out until the end?

OK, the endurance test isn't over just yet. Maybe give yourself a Facebook breather, then clock in another three minutes with ClickHole's similarly testing, literal, post-modern-y clock-watching vid Got Three Minutes? This Video Will Confirm That below.

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