Your Monday Just Got Infinitely Better With This Compilation Of Cheeky Cats Stealing Pizza

Cats are lovable creatures there's no denying that, but there are some instances when their feline mind suddenly flips and they're not so lovable—and one of those times is when they're intent on stealing your damn pizza.

Doesn't matter if they've just been fed, one whiff of your pepperoni with extra pepperoni and you can't leave the room for fear of coming back to find them lingering near a slice.

Next thing you know they've grabbed it and are off, dragging it across the carpet in the process so you have the double annoyance of not only being a delicious slice of pizza down, but they've wiped cheese and meat grease all over your rug.

Damn you kittah! *shakes fist in air*

The only time it's acceptable is never, but that doesn't stop this compilation from being very funny and very cute.

And of course, best of all, it isn't your pizza.


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