Every Driving Stereotype Is Played Out In This Perfect And Hilarious Sketch By Dude Perfect

Lets face it, everyone who has ever been in a car will adhere to a stereotype as soon as the key hits the ignition, it's just a fact of life and a role we were all born to play, whetehr we know it or not. So take a look at the video and work out which one you are.

If you've ever taken a drive with your friends then you know them already. There's the wing-man, the guy who lives in his car, the dog lady, the racer. All you have left to do is identify which one(s) you are?

They're all here, all the different driving stereotypes, from the types of drivers you encounter to that mysterious black hole next to your seat where nothing ever returns from.

The guys at Dude Perfect are joined by NASCAR driver Dale Jr. to run down the all-too-familiar occurrences that every driver, passenger, and car has to endure.

And those you hope you never have to endure, like the truly terrifying Rage Monster.

Every person who has ever sat their ass down in a car will be smiling along in agreement with these, and occasionally snorting with laughter at how accurate they are.


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