Crazy Duo Gamarjobat Prove That Mime Art Can Be As Funny As The Best Comedy

Think of mime art and you probably think of someone in a Breton shirt with white makeup being annoying down your local park. And your next reaction will be to get away from where it's being performed.

Fast--But it doesn't have to be that way--Trust me.

Mime art doesn't need to be tainted with a bad performance you saw by a drama student/rank amateur.

Gamarjobat are a Japanese mime comedy duo (with mohawks no less!) who mix slapstick and mime until they're a perfect blend. And the results are hilarious.

What's great about their act is that it's not just kids or just adults who will appreciate it. It manages to be entertaining for both.

And that's difficult territory to tread, especially in 2015 when the golden days of physical comedy are long gone. Check out their performance on British TV show Comedy Rocks With Jason Manford (above) and then ask yourself:


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