Hadouken! - Guy Hilariously Scares His Coworker With Constant 'Street Fighter II' Impressions

How on earth do you manage to scare your co-worker by shouting hadouken and other catchphrases from the greatest beat 'em up of all time? Timing. It's all about timing, as this guy demonstrates so expertly.

Whether his work buddy is on his phone or just getting on with the job, a well-placed and quickly spoken "TIGER!" or "PERFECT!" or "RYU!" done in the exact tone of the game makes him jump out of his skin. It's almost sublime.

If you're a gamer the references will be even sweeter, because you'll actually get them. Although if you've never played SF2, gamer or no-gamer, then shame on you.

Your punishment is to watch and rewatch the 18 minute video of gameplay below, until you know every sound effect in the game.

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