Here's Why Summer Is Actually Women's Winter (Blame Sexist Air Conditioning)

It's summer and that may mean outside the temperature is climbing but in many offices it means women's winter is coming. With more than a nod to Game of Thrones this College Humor sketch outlines how unfair the office air con is.

Because while the guys are sitting around in shorts and vests, the women are accessorizing with icicles. It's a phenomenon that happens in offices across the land, the women have put on their summer wear because it's damn hot out. Only to suffer when they get to the office and the air con is set to "freezing."

"When spring turns to summer / And there’s blossom on the trees / The Autumn air doth turn to ice / And all the women freeze!" sing the women as they huddle together to keep warm, wrapping themselves in their winter furs to stop from turning blue. God forbid you turn up without a winter coat, like some poor newb does in this video.

There is some salvation though: the bathroom. In there it's a lot warmer due to "a completely different ecosystem than the rest of the office.” So that's where they head, sitting among candles to bask in the contrasting warmth.

But that too comes with its own perils. “We stay in here more than 15 minutes and everyone will think we’re pooping,” says one woman. “And that’s worse than freezing to death.”

Although this is just a parody, the whole sexist air conditioning thing has a basis in science. According to a study done in the Netherlands, office air conditioning units are designed based on the body temperature and metabolism of men.

In fact they're based on the the resting metabolic rate of a 40-year-old man. And that runs at around 30% faster than a woman's, who needs the office temperature to to be about four degrees higher. Which is why women are left cold and shivering in the workplace in the summer.


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