Young Kids Give This Guy Some Amazing Spot-On Dating Advice, Advice We Can All Learn From

Everyone knows how tough dating can be, which is the reason Tinder is so popular. But sometimes you need more than swiping left-you need advice from someone who's been there, done that-someone with experience in the field who can supply you with words of wisdom to cure all of those dating nerves you might have.

Or, if you can't find someone like that, then just ask a bunch of young kids.

That's what Dave Keyston from Canoodle Content has done in a brilliant series of videos called "Kids On."

The premise is simple, taking the idiom 'Out of the mouths of babes' and running with it Keyston gets children to give him their insights into the complexities of various stages of dating.

So in the first episode (above) the kids give advice on how to approach someone you fancy across the bar. And you know what? Their responses are pretty great, Keyston could be onto something here.

Forget about your best friend, kids should be your go-to people when you need an opinion on dating.

To prove that their sage-like wisdom isn't a one-off, in episode two Keyston gets some acumen on how long you should wait to call after you get someone's number.

Their responses vary in duration, but their reasoning is sound.

In episode three Keyston asks the kids, once you have the person's number, is it best to text them or call them? Again the kids give some solid answers.

They're not just cute, they're cute and full of good advice.

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