Learn The Art Of Taking Your Shirt Off Like A Bro

If you're a totally jacked guy, taking your shirt off is serious business. You can't just pull it off without a thought and throw it to the ground like an amateur. There's a skill to it, different situations demand a different approach.

And BroScienceLife is here to help you make sure you get it right. Whether you're down the beach, at a BBQ ("French for a lame outdoor party") or poolside, this video will show your how to "circumcise your torso" like a pro bro.

Do your ripped, shirtless Adonis-of-a-body justice. It so deserves it.


About BroScienceLife
Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan are comedy writers from New Jersey and the creators of Dom Mazzetti. Mike graduated from NYU with a degree in film & television, he then went on to become an astronaut and the president.

Gian graduated from Temple with a finance degree. He has traveled eastern Europe with a band of gypsies, and is the basis for the movie A Beautiful Mind. They now live in Los Angeles where they write comedy.

You can find out more about their videos at mikeandgian.com

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