Married Sex - Hilarious Tweets Describe Why Sex After Kids Is Virtually Non-Existent

Married sex is one thing, but sex after kids is something else entirely. Mostly it's an idea rather than actual reality, because the arrival of kids turn that reality into a complete work of fiction, turning it into a fantasy that has very little chance of ever happening. Well, at least until your kids are grown up and have left for college. Maybe.

Ask anyone who has kids, they will likely nod in agreement, but for those without kids it's hard to understand.

Which is why these tweets below about married sex after kids are not only hilarious but they're enlightening too. Because they come from people who no doubt, especially in the early stages, have indulged in married sex, the kids are clear evidence of that. But when it comes to sex after kids, they show why it's a different matter entirely. Because even if you do get some of your married sex life back, you have to be really cunning about it.

As kids not only require a helluva lot of looking after, they have boundless energy too And by the time you're day is over, all you really want to do is sleep. Not hatch some elaborate plan to have some pre-kids married sex.

So Why Is Married Sex After Kids Impossible?

Married Sex After Kids 03.

Sure, you can read articles about how the married sex needs to be somehow kept alive and well after your brood arrives. But reading an article (which patents with kids won't have time to do) on how you're supposed to keep the flame alive and have sex after kids is one thing. Putting that into practice when you've spent the day shepherding screaming children around who have only just gone to bed and it's 10pm is something else entirely.

Still, the old married sex life may be gone, but at least they have twitter to make jokes about it all.

Check out some tweets on married sex and sex after kids below. And check out #sexafterkids on Twitter for more.

Some Of The Best #SexAfterKids Tweets

Married Sex After Kids 01.
Married Sex After Kids 02.
Married Sex After Kids 02.

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