Swallow - Never Meet Your Boyfriend's Parents' With A Mouth Full Of His Reproductive Fluid

Spit or swallow? It's an age old question, chances are the guy likes you to swallow but you like to spit. And that's the predicament that Angela Trimbur, who plays the female lead in short film Swallow, finds herself in.

When her boyfriend thinks she's swallowed he's really stoked about it, but she hasn't. Which sets off a disgusting but hilarious few moments of her having to pretend she's gulped it down. Culminating in her meeting the boyfriend's parents for the first time and sat around the dinner table with his mom and dad and having to swallow their son's, well, you know what in front of them.

The takeaway from the film seems to be that, if you’ve just performed an oral act on your boyfriend and he leaves a deposit, then swallow it rather than go to dinner at his parents' house with a full mouth. Especially when the mom expects you to eat the meatloaf she's made.

It’s a life lesson we should all heed.


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