"Do You Need Weedle?" - Guy Pranks The Cops And Pretends To Be A Pokemon Dealer In Philadelphia

Hanging around on the street late at night offering their illicit wares to people walking by—that's standard practice for drug dealers, and it's also standard practice for prankster Ed Bassmaster in this Pokemon Go prank.

It's a prank that involves pranking players of the game, going around NYC offering them pokeballs, Squirtle, whatever they want, all in the shifty manner of a regular drug dealer.

It makes sense, if someone who looks like a drug dealer comes up to you in a dark street and asks 'do you need Weedle', or if you want 'to take things to the next level' then it's easy to get the wrong impression.

But then Ed ups the stakes by pranking an actual cop too. Ed starts by hanging out on a street corner offering Weedles and other Pokemon goodies. Then up pulls a police car and out steps a police woman who wonders just what he is up too. Suddenly things don't look too good for the Poke-dealer

He explains he's just helping Pokemon Go players out, helping them get to the next level and the like. She then searches him and he gets caught red-handed. Well, with red and white pokeballs anyway, which tumble out of his pocket as the cop wonders WTF is going on.

It's funny stuff and if you're wondering how they managed to pull it off without getting arrested. One of the cops that turns up was in on it and even helped set up his colleague.

Check out a behind-the-scenes below.

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