Very Awkward Death Wish Of The Day: Could This Be The Most Inappropriate Dying Request Ever?

For those of us who like a bit of nostalgia why is it we always feel that in the past things seemed to be so much simpler, friendships, families, honesty, moral fortitude, ethical principles and sense of duty, all things that seem to have vanished in today's society.

And so it is with the tale of two brothers in The American Civil War, where the older sibling gives his life to save his younger brother showing that a brother's love can last for an eternity.

However, this brother's love is something a little more disturbing. Sorry, a lot more disturbing. As a last man’s dying wish goes, this guy just doesn’t know when to stop. Looking after your son is one thing but living out your sexual fantasies is just a step too far.

Brother or not, there are only so many things you can expect man to do. And having sexual relations with your brother's wife is not one of them. Unless she’s really hot. In which case this conversation is irrelevant.

But hey, this is how things were back in the good old days---well, according to Cracked they were.


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