How to Expose A Fame Digger - Prankster Pretends To Be Famous In Order To Get The Girl

Forty-five minutes is all it takes for this girl to go from having a boyfriend, to not having one. ModelPrankstersTV are behind this prank, which sees a guy pretending to be a student at NYU hitting on a girl on the street (also a student at NYU) who initially refuses him, saying she's taken.

It's all cool though, he politely explains he's new in town, just trying to make friends and even wishes her well on his exit of shame. Nothing wrong there, happens all the time, right?


Three quarters of an hour later he comes back, this time dressed in a suit and stepping out of a blacked-out car surrounded by body guards. To the casual observer (us) and the crowd that has gathered around him (people in on the prank) it looks like a big celebrity is in town and they huddle round asking for autographs.

Once the girl catches sight of him she heads over for a selfie, says she's single, asks him for a kiss and accepts his offer of coming back to his hotel room.

And then she's exposed. It all seems too neat and tidy to be totally legit, but take a look and enjoy the schadenfreude any how.


Of course, it could all be a simple misunderstanding and maybe (going out on a limb here and giving her the benefit of the doubt) she broke up with her boyfriend between those 45 minutes. Maybe? Nah!

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