Street Fighter: Piñata Edition - Prepare to Wince Your Way Through Some Cinco de Mayo Carnage

Spanish comedy YouTube channel Marca Blanca have made a habit of making off-the-wall yet hilarious versions of Street Fighter II. There's been a bullfighting edition, an angry goat edition, a crazy drunk Russians edition, and now a piñata edition.

Which sees them adding some Street Fighter II sound effects to brutal fail videos featuring people hitting—or attempting to hit but mostly hitting other people—piñatas.

Prepare yourself for pain, pain........and more pain.

There is something almost dark in the way your mind forgives blindfolded people inflicting what seems like some serious injuries on an unsuspecting audience and even has the ability to evoke a sinister smile on your face as you witness the carnage, but such is the power of the internet.

It may be a bit early to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or the Mexican Day of the Dead, but it's never too early to enjoy the sight of Mexican Ryu taking on the might of Demented Mickey.


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