'Purranormal Cativity'—This Is What Your Feline Pet Gets Up To While You Sleep At Night

When you sleep at night, do you sometimes hear strange noises or see otherworldly glowing eyes staring our from the darkness? It's the stuff of horror films and something that you would never want happening in your household. But it does.

Chances are, if you're a cat owner, then it's your pet creeping about, knocking things over, and general being a bit of a nocturnal pain in the ass.

In this Halloween spoof by YouTube channel Cole and Marmalade a night vision camera reveals exactly what cats get up to while their owners snooze in the land of slumber.

At least, they're trying to sleep but probably keep getting woken up by their cats' nighttime activities.

Filmed over a few weeks, recording a few hours each night, the video shows that having a cat is sometimes equivalent to having a poltergeist.

A poltergeist that, every now and again, leaves you the unwanted present of a dead, mutilated bird to wake up to on the carpet in the morning.

However, if you are not a cat owner and this kind of thing happens. Be afraid


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