The Shocking And Disturbing Truth Behind Monster Energy Drinks Is FINALLY Revealed. Honest!

Monster energy drinks are the work of Beelzebub, in case you weren't aware. Or, at least, they are according to the woman in this video who is in no way insane.

No way. Absolutely. Uh-uh. OK, she's insane.

Since the original video of the woman's careful and considered detective work revealed that the drinks are, in fact, Satan's doing—but could it actually be a cover for something darker. Much darker?

This being the internet—someone has the answer and has responded with a video showing what the REAL TRUTH behind the controversial drinks is. It's a conspiracy people. An ugly and twisted conspiracy that will shock you to the core. Honest.

Prepare to be shocked TO YOUR VERY CORE (i know, i've said that already, but it looks better in CAPS) as the irrefutable truthhood is finally revealed. Revealed in all its shocking, Illuminati-tinged, WMD, Tim Thomas glory.

*cue X-Files music*


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