Sarah Silverman Becomes A Man To Show Her Dedication To Being A Woman

Hats off to Sarah Silverman, who's so fed up with the fact that men earn more than women in the workplace she's decided to do something about it. She's going to become a man. According to the Equal Pay Project website, for every dollar a guy earns women earn only 78 cents. And, as Silverman states in the video, that amounts to nearly a $500,000 "vagaina tax" over the course of a woman's career.

So, Silverman does the only thing she can possibly do to stop this wage gap atrocity. She undergoes a procedure to become "a dude." She even gets to choose what type of penis she gets: The Gentleman, The Frat Boy, The Seinfeld, or something "more European."

As well as changing sex Silverman has launched a campaign to crowdfund the $30tn shortfall in wages American women will face over their working lives. Obviously it's going to take some time to raise that much, but any dollars that are raised will go to funding the National Women’s Law Center—a non-profit organisation that promotes gender equality and anti-discrimination in the workplace. "They fight to help women get the money they deserve." notes Silverman. "They’re very good at what they do, you know, for a bunch of girls."

It seems it's the season for comedians to champion equal rights for men and women. Aziz Ansari was recently on the Late Show with David Letterman talking about being a feminist and how the term's often misunderstood. Watch it below.

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