Stowaway Cat Gives Pilot A Hilarious Surprise When It Suddenly Appears On Airplane Wing

It's probably not something they teach at pilot school: always check plane for hidden cats before take off. But that's what happened to a guy called Romain Jantot, who got a bit of a shock above the skies of Kourou, French Guiana when a stowaway cat hitched a free ride.

It's not every day you suddenly realize that you have more passengers on board than you had bargained for, especially one who cheekily appears camera-right into the locked-off GoPro framing of Romain and his passenger, like something out of a film

Because lets face it, if you'd have seen something like this at the movies you'd be shaking your head in dis-belief, i mean, things like this don't really happen in real-life. Ever.

Except they do.

The look on his face says it all when the moggy crawls along the wing and into his line of sight as he turns his head and sees it. The poor furball is clinging on for one of its nine lives as the light aircraft soars through the sky, before heading back to the runway once the pilot spots the stowaway.

"A standard flight until... I still don't know if it got in after the pre flight check or if i missed it." he writes on YouTube. "The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot."

Let's take another look at the cat's expert comic timing as it creeps into shot on the wing of the plane.

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