Symphony of Destruction—A Compilation Of Epic Explosive Fails Set To Classical Music

Everyone loves an explosion (as long as it's not happening anywhere near them of course, or anyone actually gets hurt) and nothing gets the adrenaline pumping faster than the sight of something being blown to bits, followed by the obligatory ball of flame.

As Hollywood movies have taught us, classical music and explosions go well together. And this compilation by Fail Army follows that winning formula.

It's just these are explosions gone awry, from bursting melons to fireworks in the butt backfiring to detonating golf clubs, if it's destruction with a bang, it's in.

Plus soundtracking it with classical music makes it all seem so much more cinematic, and adds something to the idiocy you see before you.

It doesn't necessarily make what these people are doing less idiotic, but it does give it a certain rhythm that, when segued together like this in one video, makes it all seem more purposeful.

Of course most importantly it's just a lot more entertaining with music than it is just watching these destructive fails happen while people run screaming.

So sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy the pyrotechnics.

FailArmy Presents Symphony of Destruction

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