Thinking Of Getting An Education? The 'Honest University Commercial' is Depressingly On Point

For all of us who have at one point in their life thought about going to university or college to further their education in the hope of, somewhere down the line, getting a rewarding job that will pay you a salary reflective of the outstanding qualifications you have received.

The first step nowadays is to trawl through all of those amazingly upbeat university commercials that try and get you to come to their school, with promises of a great education and all the necessary skills and knowledge to be the best.

But where to go? They all look so good and promise everything you could wish for, so how do you choose? And are they as good as they sound?

Well, if you were looking for a full, honest explanation of the college experience, then don’t bother watching those cheese-saturated propaganda videos put out by universities, watch this instead.

Bear in mind that it doesn’t pull any punches, but gives you the brutal truth of what a college education will demand from you—financially, emotionally, financially—softened by the cushion of humor.

You’re still going to cry though, but don't worry, that’s OK, crying’s the first step to healing.


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