Pro-Russian Commander Plays Insanely Dangerous Grenade Launcher Prank On His Own Men

Even in fromt-line conflict there are times when you forget the seriousness of the situation and decide to have some down-time. Meet Commander "Motorola", a pro-Russian separatist fighting in the Ukraine crisis who decides to play a little prank on his own observation post.

It involves firing 40mm grenades at them just to see if they're doing their job properly—and to remind them not to fall asleep at their post.

As he crouches down behind the grenade launcher someone asks "You sure there are no civilians phoning cell phones, right?" "Nah, there's no one there. Cows used to go there. They've left already." comes the reply.

And just as he finishes speaking, you hear the sound of a grenade being fired. It's one of many.

Naturally the sentries at the observation post aren't too happy. "Thank you for your funny jokes, commander." they say drily.

With friends like these who needs war.


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