'I Told You So' Of The Day: Wasp Stings Guy, Wife Helps Out By Laughing At Him - #DIYFail

We've all been there. You have a problem around the house and instead of calling in the experts you decide to tackle it yourself. In this instance it's a wasps' nest by the back door. So step up to the plate Mr. D.I.Y and lets see you sort this problem out.

To be fair this guy's wife does suggest he go buy something to get rid of them, but like the stubborn man he is, he's having none of that and instead uses a good old stick to knock the nest down with.

Now, when a man does something like that it's a wife's duty to grab a camera and start filming, because you know it's going to end badly. You don't poke a stick into a wasps' nest without them getting a little irate at you messing with their crib.

And so it goes. One moment you see something drop to the ground from where the guy's poking the stick, the next he's rolling on the grass screaming in pain. Cue his wife's "I told you so" laughter.


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