Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Hurl Playground Insults At Each Other And It's Hilarious

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg take things back to kindergarten humor in this hilarious segment from Scott Mills' BBC Radio show called "Playground Insults." As the name suggest the pair have to sit down and throw insults at one another, the more immature the better.

The pair were in the UK promoting their new film Daddy's Home, and so attacking each other's physical appearance, body odour, and their crappy acting ability is all part of the deal.

It's hard to decide who wins, because they both get some decent lines out, ""You've got a great ass...for a guy from Boston." says Ferrell. While Wahlberg's highlights were, "Your hair looks like a brillo pad I wanna scrub my sack with." and the low blow of telling Ferrell he was "a poor man's Mike Myers."


It's great entertainment though, I could watch these two go at each other for hours. Check out the trailer for Daddy's Home below.

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