British Comedian Points Out The Marked Differences Between USA And UK Ebola News Coverage

If you were looking for proof that American news outlets are covering the Ebola story with massive doses of hysteria, then look no further than this segment from British comedian Russell Howard's show Russell Howard's Good News. Broadcast in the UK by the BBC, the show sees Howard offering up his humorous opinions on the hot news topics of the day.

Recently he looked at Ebola, or more accurately, he looked at the differences in how the UK and USA cover it. Fox News's Shep Smith aside, America's news media should be ashamed of themselves. Fear-mongering, hyperbole and viewing figures are the order of the day—and that seems to involve various people SHOUTING at the camera to show how serious and dramatic the situation is.

Case in point, check out the video below of TV host Errol Louis telling New Yorkers that if they come across any strange mucus or poop in the street, don't eat it. Because, obviously, your natural response would be to gobble it up without a second thought. Thanks Errol, feel a whole lot safer now.

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