All You Bros Out There, Here's How To Eat Chicken Without Wanting to Kill Yourself

Being a bro isn't just about flexing your abs and ripping off your shirt the correct way. Although both those skillsets are incredibly important in the cult of bro. It's also about eating chicken that's so tasteless you want to kill yourself.

Eating chicken wings or fried chicken or any chicken that has any flavor whatsoever is a total no-no for a bro, because it's too fatty and they have a strict gym regime to keep them looking bro.

Well, Dom Mazzetti (the creation of NYC comedian Mike Tornabene and his writing partner Gian Hunjan), from Bro Science, is on hand to talk you through the bro way to cook chicken and give it some flavor.

Whether he succeeds or not you'll have to be the judge, but one things for sure, the only science humanity will ever really need is Bro Science.


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