Douchebag Dude? - That Crying Rottweiler Grieving For Its Dead Brother Was Actually Part Of A Scam

And there I was thinking you could believe everything you see on the internet. What a fool I've been. Turns out that story about a grieving rottweiler who was mourning the loss of his bro was part of a scam by a con artist. Tsk.

According to this post by website Seattle DogSpot, who investigated the dog's owner Brett Bennett, the video was part of a scheme to hit people's emotions so they'd donate to his fundraising page on Indiegogo called "Grieving Rottweiler looks to help buy new home, with your help, to rescue more animals in need." Not that one of the dogs didn't die, it did. But it seems Bennett may've overplayed the grieving part, and the dogs weren't actually brothers either.

His goal for the campaign was $100,000, so far he's got $600 and it's due to close at the end of day on 5th February. So not quite there yet. Bennett has a history of using his dogs to raise money too. He previously raised over $6,000 in another Indiegogo campaign (below) which also wanted the money to buy his dogs a new home.


When the writer of the post confronted Bennett in a Facebook message about abusing public sympathy to get people to donate, Bennett replied, "They gave me money and I am using the money to pay off my legal matters and for my everyday bills. I can pretend to spend it on whatever these gullable [sic] people will believe."

As for the dogs not actually being brothers, the article posts a screengrab of a video which supposedly shows them meeting for the first time. There's also another story involving Bennett wanting to sell the dogs to a drug dealer for dog fighting.

In his defense, Brett has posted a video on his Youtube page as he fights to clear my name and it comes across a pretty heartfelt, so you make your own conclusions.

Personally, he generally seems to be a bit of a dubious character all round really--Oh, and a complete DOUCHEBAG!!!

Read the whole article from Seattle DogSpot here.

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