Here's How Easy It Is To Put On Pants Without Using Your Hands

If you're the sort of person who lurks on the internet every waking hour (and who doesn't?) then you no doubt saw the video of that Chinese guy who, with incredible grace and acrobatic skill, managed to put on his pants without using his hands.

It was a game-changer and the world has never been the same since. But if you thought what he did looked difficult, then help is at hand from YouTube channel HowToBasic, who have previously shown us how to join the Illuminati.

And it seems to involve lots of heavy-breathing, egg-smashing, raw-chicken throwing and milk-pouring. So have a watch above and then why not give it a try at home.

Of course, once the internet saw the original guy putting on pants without using his hands it quickly became its own thing. And people rose to the challenge of trying to do it themselves. Here's a few of those people with nothing better to do, below.

If you ignore her annoying, high-pitched voice, her attempt is actually pretty good.

It seems having an annoying voice is a prerequisite for doing this challenge. Here's someone secretly filming their buddy do it and then putting that video on the internet.

This guy cheats a bit at the end.

And here's a whole dance based on putting on your pants with no hands.

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