In The Wake Of The Recent iCloud Celeb Fappening—Here's How To Join The Illuminati

The Illumunati, what's all that about then, eh? Some people are saying that they were behind the recent #Fappening incident, the hacking of rather revealing candid photos of celebs, turning the whole event into a 9/11 for perverts. They are everywhere.

Long have they pulled the strings, sat behind the curtain shaping history and playing with society like it was but a toy. The low fat yoghurt conspiracy, faking the moon landings, the place where all your other odd socks go, the secret menus in fast food chains—the Illuminati are behind them all.

And while membership to this top dog of secret societies has long been, well, a secret. No more! You too can join this occult group. I can't reveal how in this post, for to type the words would call into being the dreaded Ancients and invite their wrath.

Just watch the video—and I'll see you at the clubhouse once your initiation is over.

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